Department Philosophy

Mount Carmel High School is committed to exposing all students to the aspects of technology that they will need to be successful in their high school and college careers. It is the goal of the Information Technology Department to integrate modern concepts of technology into the student classroom across the curriculum.

Mount Carmel's current computer facilities include four computer labs. Every single classroom contains at least one Internet connected computer and in addition, every science lab is outfitted with several computers used for simulations and tutorials. Students may also access computers and printers from the school library.


Students are required to take 1 trimester (or .33 credits) to graduate 

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Technology Extra Curricular Activities 

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21st Century Initiative 

Watch a video on Mount Carmel High School's 21st Century Initiative with technology and student engagement. The video was created by Mount Carmel faculty members in conjunction with DePaul University.

Technology Department Faculty

Mr. Matthew Mcguire

Mr. Matthew Mcguire

Art; Technology; Lacrosse; Swimming