Giving Programs

Giving to Mount Carmel High School

Mount Carmel High School’s progress over the last century has been made possible by the generosity and support of our alumni and friends.  The contributions of this Mount Carmel family allow us to develop young men of character who love God, love life, and love learning. 


The illustrious 117-year history of legendary Men of Carmel can be seen in the names engraved on the stones in the prayer garden, in the photos and news clippings gracing the hallways of the school, and the scores of trophies proudly displayed in cases throughout the school. At the same time, Mount Carmel’s commitment to the future can be seen in the new Convocation and Athletic Center, the technology classrooms and computer labs, as well as the plans for major facility renovations built to support needs of the 21st century learner.


There are many ways to give to Mount Carmel and many different giving programs to consider.  Please refer to the information below for more detail on our fund raising efforts and giving programs.

Men of Carmel Fund - The Men of Carmel Fund (formerly known as the Annual Fund) is the primary source of support for Mount Carmel High School’s areas of greatest need. Foremost among these is student financial aid. Help us ensure that young men (regardless of financial circumstance) can continue to call 6410 S. Dante their home for generations to come. Support the Men of Carmel Fund today!

The Campaign for a New Century of Excellence - The Campaign For a New Century of Excellence has already funded the construction of new science and technology labs (leading to enhanced course offerings) and the Cacciatore Athletic Center (which has enabled us to double the number of physical education credits offered to students). Future funding will support renovations to the main school building.

Scholarships - Mount Carmel is fortunate to provide a number of need-based and merit-based financial aid scholarships. These scholarships enable the school to assist deserving students and their families. Benefactors may support existing scholarship programs or choose to endow new programs in honor of friends or loved ones.

Mount Carmel Educational Foundation - The Mount Carmel Educational Foundation supports the charitable, religious, and educational purposes of Mount Carmel High School through grants, gifts, and aid.  Approximately 5% of the Foundation's net worth is given to support Mount Carmel High School each year.