Men of Carmel Fund

The Men of Carmel Fund

“You came to Carmel as a boy, if you care to struggle and work at it, you will leave as a man.”  This motto has been etched into the heart and soul of men of Carmel for generations.  It defines us as hard working, dedicated men of character who fight through adversity.

Our Annual Fund has served a vital role in helping boys become men of Carmel by providing a consistent source of funding to aid deserving students in need – keeping them enrolled at Mount Carmel.  Throughout its existence, the Annual Fund has also supported faculty salaries, and provided additional funding for enrichment programs.

Co-Curricular Activities

Supporting our co-curricular activities and organizations provides our young men opportunities to enhance their experience outside the classroom.  They get to explore new interests, develop new skills, and strengthen friendships that can last a lifetime.  The current co-curricular activities offered at Mount Carmel include:

 Art Club
 Browntown Band
 Caravan Alley Players (Drama Club)
 Caravan Broadcast Network (CBN)
 Caravan Newspaper
 Chess Club
 Computer Club
 Creative Writing Club
 Disaster Relief Club
 Environmental Club
 Invisible Children’s Club
 Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)
 Latin Club
 MC Connections
 Mock Trial
 Multicultural Club
 National Honor Society
 Outdoors Club
 Peacebuilder Initiative
 Respect (Pro) Life Club
 Scholastic Bowl
 Spanish Club
 Student Government
 Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)
 Yearbook Club
 Yoga Club
 Young Politicians Club

Fulfilling Our Mission

The Men of Carmel Fund focuses on fulfilling our mission to live with zeal for God, for life, and for learning.  In addition to providing tuition assistance to students in need, the Men of Carmel Fund will focus on the spiritual development of our students through ministry and service.  It will also help support our co-curricular activities, including our 27 clubs and student organizations.

An important part of being a man of Carmel is learning how to give of oneself to make the world a better place. God blesses us all with many gifts and it is our responsibility to share those gifts with those in need.  Over the last few years, Mount Carmel students have participated in a variety of service opportunities including building homes with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at soup kitchens, organizing food, clothes, and toy drives for the less fortunate, and many more.  The hands-on experience of helping others in need allows our young men to experience the sense of gratification that comes from making a difference in the life of another and growing closer to God through charitable actions.  In a world that’s becoming more superficial our students learn to appreciate and value the intrinsic reward of making God’s creation a better place through their direct action.

Our Men of Carmel Fund allows our students to “come to Carmel as a boy, care to struggle and work at it, and leave as a man.”  It makes a Mount Carmel education possible for those in need while also focusing on the spiritual and social development of our students.  We are grateful to all of our alumni, parents, and friends of Mount Carmel who have supported us throughout the years.  Please continue your support through our Men of Carmel Fund now and in the future.  Thank you for believing in Mount Carmel and continuing our 114 year-old tradition!

For more information regarding the Men of Carmel Fund, contact Adrienne McArdle, Director of Annual Giving, at 773.359.0426 or email her at

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