Tuition Assistance

100% of MC students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships.

Scholarships enable Mount Carmel High School to attract the best students regardless of their financial circumstances. That is why every student at Mount Carmel receives the John F. McCarthy Scholarship which is funded by the school’s endowment fund. Gifts to the Men of Carmel Fund annual appeal also help keep tuition affordable. Further financial assistance comes through a variety of privately-funded scholarships.

Incoming Freshman Scholarships

Gilmore Legacy Scholarship
Shoulder to Shoulder Scholarship
Nick Iosue Academic Scholarship
James Barda Leadership Award
James McHugh ’40 Family Scholarship
President's Scholarship

Sophomore through Senior Scholarships

Chris Chelios Essay Scholarship
Frank Marshall Wehle Essay Scholarship
Donovan McNabb Essay Scholarship
Curt R. Ehrenstrom Memorial Scholarship
Curt R. Ehrenstrom “Coach E” Scholarship
Kevin M. Hansen Scholarship
Michael Patrick McArdle 2005 Memorial Scholarship
The Promise Scholarship
Czarobski Scholarship
Jerry O’Neill Scholarship
Patrick J. O’Shea Scholarship
Fr. Aloysius Sieracki Scholarship
Fred and Natalie Marcon Scholarship
John L. Keeley Scholarship Fund
Fr. Peter McGarry Scholarship
Class of 1992 Scholarship
Carol D. Christiansen Trust Scholarship

John M. McCarthy Scholarship

The full cost to educate one student at Mount Carmel High School during the 2015-2016 academic year is $14,000. Through the support of the Mount Carmel Educational Foundation, the John McCarthy Scholarship in the amount of $2,700 is awarded to every student who registers at Mount Carmel.

Scholarships Awarded to New Mount Carmel Students

Mount Carmel offers a number of scholarships to incoming freshman students, including the Shoulder to Shoulder scholarship for Mount Carmel siblings, the Gilmore Legacy Scholarship, Academic Scholarships, and the James Barda Leadership Award. Thanks to a large number of generous benefactors, Mount Carmel proudly offers these scholarships to a number of incoming families each year.

Scholarships Awarded to Returning Mount Carmel students

Mount Carmel is fortunate to have a number of benefactors who sponsor scholarships for current Mount Carmel students. Scholarships, which are awarded based on student responses to essay questions, range in amount from full tuition to $1,500.