All-Male Learning Environment


We are dedicated to providing our students with an outstanding education in an all-male environment in which they can thrive intellectually.

Our teachers are specially trained by the Gurian Institute, a nationally recognized program that focuses on gender-specific learning. The all male atmosphere allows for academic preparation within a rigorous, active, and competitive environment built on honesty and social equality. Our rituals and traditions provide the foundation for teamwork, male-bonding, extra curricular involvement and school spirit that makes the Mount Carmel experience so unique.

Top Ten Characteristics that affect Male Learning 

  1. Spatially Oriented - males tend to be better at spatial relationships than emotional relationships
  2. Mechanical - they like to fix things
  3. Visual - they like to see things
  4. Graphically oriented - they like to see things organized in charts and graphs
  5. Physical - they are most stimulated by physical activity
  6. Active - their brains are less active when they are at rest
  7. Competitive - they seek out competition and comparison
  8. Task Oriented - they work best when focusing on performing one task at a time
  9. Results oriented - they need to see tasks completed
  10. Aggressive - they bond physically

Engaging the Adolescent Male Brain

Boys’ brains go into a rest state easily when they are not physically active, and when they do it becomes more difficult for them to learn than their female counterparts. At Mount Carmel, our teachers understand the danger of rest states in boys and have designed their practices to keep boys attention. Mount Carmel faculty members engage students through problem solving activities, group work, competition, and the use of visual media. Some play music as students enter their classrooms while others incorporate games into their lesson plans. Given the research, at Mount Carmel we don’t judge the success of a classroom by how quiet and still students are, but rather by their engagement in the material and the acquisition of skills.

Essential Skills of a Man of Carmel

 Our goal is to develop students who:

  1. Read and think critically
  2. Write and speak clearly
  3. Research and evaluate information
  4. Collaborate effectively
  5. Use technology to improve and demonstrate learning
  6. Cultivate “Caravan Values"