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Cookies and Milk
I am 4th out of 6 from a blue collar family on Chicago’s Southside. Each year, as we approached Ash Wednesday, conversation would turn to what each of us was giving up for Lent. I know I took this seriously, in that I was a key member (my conclusion) of the altar boys AND the student choir, and this discussion from home was going to be repeated multiple times when those groups met. I’m not sure how seriously my brothers took it, especially the oldest two. I think one year my oldest brother John gave up felonies and second oldest Don gave up Chinese food, which was never an option for us anyway. Usually, after hours of deliberation, I landed on cookies.

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Movement.... It Is The Center Of Life!
In a world full of digital devices and human interface that is starting to be limited, movement is essential. For the past 10 months I have been traveling with the Gurian team training schools, agencies, parents, and communities on how to incorporate more movement into the lives of our children and young adults. It has been a fascinating journey to be on the "other side" of the desk so to speak. After many years in teaching and administration, my view has changed. What I used to look for during classroom walkthroughs was intentional excellence in teaching, use of curriculum and depth of knowledge in a subject area, transfer of content that was engaging and dynamic yet full of breadth and "meaty".