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Faculty Highlights: Week of October 3

  • Mr. Enright has continually improved his Intro to Law class to introduce more and more higher-level thinking.  Law students now analyze past cases in order to evaluate where lawyers made weak arguments, presented weak evidence, etc.  Mr. Enright invited Mr. Hurry to his class this week to share his expertise on the O.J. Simpson case.  Mr. Hurry has researched the Simpson case extensively and volunteered his free period to engage students in higher-level analysis of the case.   
  • Mrs. Millsapp and Mr. Fisher presented their Biology students with a case of a stolen ipod and required students to gather evidence by testing components of food remaining at the crime scene.  Students had to use their data to make a case against the suspect they believe to be guilty.  This interesting fusion of Biology and Forensic Science motivated students to collect their data professionally and write their report persuasively – using higher-level thinking skills.  Students were motivated to prove their case. 
  • Studium advisors took the time to meet one-on-one with each student in their Studium to make a connection and reinforce the importance of achieving in school.  When asked about his meeting one student said, “I found out that one of the juniors in my Studium is good at writing and can help me with my next English assignment.  My Studium teacher told me I have to get my English grade up.” 
  • Ms. Mayhan displays student art work in the back of room 111 from an assignment she gave that required students to create pictures or comics that show facets of Ancient Egyptian society. 
  • Mr. Hoerster had his AP English III students identify “defining moments” in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild.  While students made arguments for “defining moments,” Mr. Hoerster insisted that each student provide the page number he is referencing so students’ arguments were rooted in textual evidence.  Students also examined Letters to the Editor to consider criticisms of Krakauer’s work.
  • Mr. Behzadi hosted a chess tournament on Tuesday evening for 42 students from Br. Rice, Leo, DeLasalle, and St. Ignatius.  Congratulations to Mr. Behzadi who was elected president of the Chicago Chess Conference this year and Mount Carmel congratulations to senior Pat Bulger who finished 2nd out of 42 students. 
  • Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Tierney invited a Marine recruiter to consult with our student-thespians as they prepare for the fall play A Few Good Men.  The marine showed our (slightly scared) students how to stand at attention and do an about face. 
  • Mr. Nicklas gave his math students specific directions for overcoming their mistakes.  He also calls on students that seem distracted regularly so students know they can’t get away with losing focus in his classroom.  This policy keeps each student at attention during class. 
  • Mrs. Chappetto is helping Mr. Taylor’s English III students create paintings of the scene during Jon Edwards Sinners at the Hands of an Angry God.