The Essential Skills of the Man of Carmel

Our academic program is designed to meet the needs of our 21st Century, college-bound students.

We work to develop the following essential skills across our curriculum for every young Man of Carmel:

  • Read and think critically
  • Write and speak clearly
  • Research and evaluate information
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Use technology to improve and demonstrate learning
  • "Cultivate CARAVAN values in life and learning.

Academic Programs

At Mount Carmel, we are proud to offer young men levels of college preparation fitted to their unique academic talents, needs, and abilities. We work to identify the strengths of the individual student, placing him in an academic program that will challenge him to reach his full academic potential.

Honors & Advanced Placement Program
Excel Program
Foundations Program

In addition, the McDermott-Doyle Program assists students who have mild to moderate learning disabilities and require special classroom accommodations to achieve the goal of attending a four-year college or university.


We are dedicated to providing our students with an outstanding education in an all-male environment in which they can thrive intellectually.

Our teachers are specially trained by the Gurian Institute, a nationally recognized program that focuses on gender-specific learning. The all male atmosphere allows for academic preparation within a rigorous, active, and competitive environment built on honesty and social equality. Our rituals and traditions provide the foundation for teamwork, male-bonding, extra curricular involvement and school spirit that makes the Mount Carmel experience so unique .

College Readiness Standards

ACT's College Readiness Standards are our school standards. We use these standards to measure our students progress in each course by: 

  • Evaluating students on each standard 6 times throughout the school year (in the middle of each trimester by giving a full ACT test and on each trimester exam)
  • Intervening when students demonstrate they are not college ready


Mount Carmel does not discriminate​ ​on the basis of race​ ​or ethnic origin in the​ ​administration of educational​ ​policies, financial aid, co-curricular ​programs or other school​ ​programs.​