Frequently Asked Questions


How do I learn more about Mount Carmel High School?

Please fill out our online information request form and we will happily send you more information about Mount Carmel.

Students interested in Mount Carmel should also come visit us by attending an Open House and a Shadow Day.  Click here for more information about visiting Mount Carmel.

Prospective students and parents who have questions about Mount Carmel High School, or the admissions process, can contact our Director of Admissions, Mr. Bill Nolan, at 773.324.1020, ext.265.

How do I apply to Mount Carmel?

There is no formal application process for Mount Carmel High School.  In accordance with the regulations of the Arch Diocese of Chicago Recruiter’s Association, the application process for Mount Carmel, and for all other Catholic High Schools located in the Archdiocese of Chicago, begins with the Entrance Exam.  This year’s Entrance Exam takes place on January 14, 2017, at 8:00 a.m.  Students may only take the Entrance Exam at one Catholic High School.  If Mount Carmel is your first choice for high school, you should take the Entrance Exam at Mount Carmel.

My son wants to attend Mount Carmel but we live closer to another Catholic High School; can he take the Entrance Exam there?

If Mount Carmel is your son’s first choice for high school, he should take the Entrance Exam at Mount Carmel.  Priority of admission to Mount Carmel will be given to students who take the Entrance Exam at our school.  Also, only students who take the Entrance Exam at Mount Carmel are eligible for Academic Scholarships to Mount Carmel.

Does my son have to be Catholic to attend Mount Carmel?

No, Mount Carmel is proud to admit students of all religious backgrounds to our school.  However, Catholic students and students attending Catholic grammar schools may receive first consideration in the admission process. 

My son is in seventh grade but I believe he is ready for high school, intellectually and socially.  Can he take the Entrance Exam?

No, Mount Carmel High School’s Entrance Exam is open only to eighth grade students. 

When will I find out if I’m accepted to Mount Carmel?

Notification letters of acceptance, waitlist status (if applicable), or non-acceptance will be mailed in mid-February.

If I do not get accepted to Mount Carmel can I attend another Catholic High School?

Yes.  Students who live in the Chicagoland area are fortunate to have a number of reputable Catholic High Schools to choose from.  If you are not accepted to Mount Carmel, please contact Mr. Bill Nolan at 773.324.1020, ext. 265.  Mr. Nolan can assist you with the process of transferring your Entrance Exam scores to another Catholic High School.

What is the tuition at Mount Carmel?

Visit our tuition page  for more information on fees, scholarships, and financial aid.

What kind of scholarships to you offer?

Academic scholarships are available to all incoming students who take the Entrance Exam at Mount Carmel and earn a score of 90% or higher. Mount Carmel does not offer athletic scholarships of any kind.

Does Mount Carmel offer any other forms of financial assistance?

Yes, need-based financial aid is available to Mount Carmel families.  Visit our tuition page for more information on fees, scholarships, and financial aid.

What time does your day start and end?

The school day begins at 8:05 a.m. and concludes at 2:40 p.m.

Where is Mount Carmel High School located?

Mount Carmel High School is located at 6410 South Dante Avenue in Chicago. The campus sits one block west of Stony Island, five blocks south of the Museum of Science and Industry and three blocks south of the University of Chicago.

Mount Carmel is far from my house.  How would my son get there?

Students travel to Mount Carmel from as far as Wilmette, Valparaiso, Hinsdale, and Joliet.  We have a number of transportation options available to students, including Metra trains, CTA buses and trains, and private van and bus service.  For more information, visit our transportation page.  

How many students attend Mount Carmel High School?

The enrollment for the 2015-16 school year is approximately 700 students.

What percentage of your senior class goes on to a four-year college or university?

Over 97% of our graduating seniors go on to the four-year college or university of their choice.

What colleges and universities do Mount Carmel graduates attend?

Mount Carmel students attend some of the finest universities in the nation. Some of the schools our recent graduates have been accepted to include University of Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Harvard, University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Cornell University, Brown University, Stanford University, along with many more prestigious colleges and universities.

How many classes do students take each year?

Each student takes seven classes per trimester.

Does Mount Carmel have a uniform dress code?

Yes, Mount Carmel High School’s dress code is as follows:

  • Pants – Khaki pants with inside pockets only
  • Shirt – Mount Carmel polo shirt or long-sleeve dress shirt.  Mount Carmel sweatshirts, fleeces and sweaters may be worn in cold weather if they are in good condition and do not have a hood.
  • Shoes – brown or black shoes
  • Belt – brown or black dress belt.

On days Mass is celebrated students must wear a white or blue dress shirt with a tie and sport coat. 

A warm weather dress code goes into effect at the discretion of the administration.  When warm-weather dress code is allowed students may wear khaki shorts with inside pockets, a Mount Carmel t-shirt, and gym shoes.

Didn’t see your question answered here?

If you have additional questions about Mount Carmel High School, our Admission and Enrollment Office is more than happy to assist you.  Please contact Mr. Bill Nolan, Director of Admissions, at 773.324.1020, ext. 265 for information about Mount Carmel and the Admission process.