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Below you will find web sites, databases and MC library print materials to help you in your research on this topic.

Suggested Print Sources:

 Call Number:  Title
 940.4 B Verdun 
 940.3 M The end of order, Versailles, 1919 
 940.3 C Versailles , 1919: the forces, events, and personalities that shaped the treaty,
 943 MCG Frederick the Great, Bismarck, and the building of the German Empire in world history
 B Bis Bismarck and the creation of the Second Reich
341.22 B A time for angels : the tragicomic history of the League of Nations
940.3 B Make the Kaiser dance
B W The Kaiser
940.3 F Woodrow Wilson and World War I, 1917-
614.5 K83f Flu: the story of the great influenza pandemic of 1918
940.4 W734g The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century

Suggested Databases:

Annals of American History
Speeches, memoirs and other primary source documents from American history.

Encyclopedia Britannica
Unlike Wikipedia this encyclopedia was designed for high school students. Create your own workspace and save the information you need. You can't do that in Wikipedia either. Also access related journal articles and selected web sites.

World History Modern Era
This would be a good place to find information on the historical context of your person. Pay attention to the hyperlinks within the articles.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
325 Electronic Reference Books including:

World War I Reference Library
Encyclopedia of World Biography
Europe Since 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction

Suggested Web Sites:

World War I from the BBC
Virtual tour of trench warfare, Battle of Verdun, Sinking of the Lusitania are just some of the articles. Search their site for more.

Class Zone
Great information from your World HistoryTextbook publisher.

Newspaper Photographs from Library of Congress
Find primary source material - newspaper photographs from World War I. There are also essays and a timeline.

Automatically formats your bibliographic information into MLA style. Choose the type of source you need to format and Note: YOU are still responsible for the quality and accuracy of end product.