Graduation Requirements

The Mount Carmel curriculum should be viewed as a four-year experience during which a student will accumulate at least 25 high school credits, including all state and Mount Carmel requirements.

In Mount Carmel's trimester program, three trimesters equal one high school credit. A student has the opportunity to take 21 trimester classes during each academic year, which equates to 28 high school credits by graduation. Any exception to the below requirements must have the approval of the Assistant Principal for Academics and Records.


Trimester and Credit Requirements

Course Trimesters Credits
Theology 12 4
English 13 4.33
Mathematics 12 4
Science 12 4
Social Studies 6 3.33
World Language 3 2
 Health/Phys. Ed. 3 2
 Fine Arts 1 0.33
 Technology 1 0.33
 Electives 14  4.67
 TOTAL 84 28