Honors Curriculum

Honors & AP Program: Curriculum Map

Subject      Freshman    Sophomore Junior   Senior
(4 credits)
Honors English I Honors English II  Ap English III & Composition AP English IV - Literature
World Language
(2 credits)
Spanish I Honors
Mandarin I Honors
Latin I Honors
Spanish II Honors
Mandarin II Honors
Latin II Honors
Spanish III Honors
Mandarin III Honors
Latin III Honors
AP Spanish 
AP Latin
Spanish IV
Mandarin IV Honors
(4 credits)
Honors Algebra I or
Honors Geometry
Honors Geometry or
Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry
 Honors Algebra II/Tri or
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Pre-Calc
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
(4 credits)
Honors Biology Honors Chemistry  AP Physics B AP Physics C - Mechanics or
AP Environmental Science
(4 credits)
Introduction to Religion
Catholic Creed and Beliefs
Sacraments, Morality & Prayer
Pentateuch & Wisdom
Prophets & Gospels
Paul & Major Church Events
Catholic Morality
Catholic Social Teaching,
Contemporary Moral Issues 
Understanding of God and the Human Person,
Christian Vocation
Integration Seminar 
Social Science
Ancient World
Non-Wesntern Civilizations
AP World History  AP US History AP European History
AP US/Comp. Government 
AP Psychology
Trimester Courses
Required for Graduation 
Physical Education I
Technology I
Art I
21st Century Research & Communication
Physical Education II
Consumer Education 
Elective  Elective

Elective Course Offerings
Debate Introduction to Law (three trimesters) Graphic Design (one trimester)
Drama African American History (one trimester) Architecture (one trimester)
Speech 20th Century Conflicts (one trimester) Photography (one trimester)
Journalism Yearbook 1 (three trimesters) Modern US History (one trimester) Art Studio 2 (three trimesters)
Journalism Yearbook 2 (three trimesters) Ancient Conflicts (one trimester) Advanced Art (three trimesters)
Journalism Newspaper 1 (three trimester) Chicago History (one trimester) Choir (three trimesters)
Journalism Newspaper 2 (three trimesters) US Government (one trimester) Band (three trimesters)
 Creative Writing (one trimester) AP European History (three trimesters) A+ Certification (with dual college credit)
 Film Genres (one trimester) AP US/Comparative Governments Computer Aided Design
 Forensic Science (three trimesters) AP Psychology (three trimesters) History of sports
 Video/Web Production (three trimesters) Fitness (one trimester) Global Investments and Research
 Technology 2 (one trimester) Sports Medicine/Athletic Training (one trimester) AP Art Studio 3
 Computer Programming - Visual Basic (three trimesters) Drawing and Painting (one trimester)