Campus Ministry

The religious formation program of Mount Carmel High School is one
which extends beyond the limits of the classroom. It is within this faith
community that students learn to express the basic values of our Catholic
Christian tradition. For the graduate of Mount Carmel to be aware of his
Christian life, he must experience the virtue of living a Christian life during
his four years of study.

The Campus Minstry office oversees the following:

  • Liturgies -- Masses, prayer services and other opportunities for sacramental experiences.
  • Pastoral Counseling -- Providing spiritual guidance to the Mount Carmel community.
  • Retreat Program -- Creating challenging and prayerful experiences for students across all four years.
  • Senior Leadership -- Helping senior students to accept the challenge of leading a Christian life by example and deed

Retreat Program

The goal of the retreat program is to help students to be more aware of their Christian life and to guide and help students experience the virtue of living a Christian life inside and outside of Mount Carmel. 

Freshman Retreat: Becoming a Man of Carmel
Each student is enrolled in the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel to mark the beginning of the process of becoming a man of Carmel.

Sophomore Retreat: Becoming a Man Who is Sexually Integrated
Students are challenged to reflect deeply upon the mystery of God's gift of sexuality.

Junior Retreat: Becoming a Man Who is Healthy
Students are invited to consider the decisions they make for healthy living and understand that wise choices lead to happiness and wellbeing that God intends for all his children.

Senior Retreat: Becoming a Man in Relationship with God and Others
For four days and three nights the Kairos Retreat enables each student to see the value of his Christian faith as lived and experienced in a community. For many retreatants this Kairos experience is a profound and lasting one.

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