Mathematics Department

The Mount Carmel Mathematics Department offers courses that synchronize with the Standards adopted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to learn:

  • “fundamental mathematical concepts and essential skills
  • positive mathematical dispositions
  • new classes of functions
  • new geometric perspectives
  • new ways of analyzing data
  • understand aspects of mathematical form and structure such as quadratic functions
  • all other classes of functions—linear, periodic, exponential.”

Through the content of these courses, students also “learn to see the connection between algebra, geometry, statistics, probability and discrete mathematics and ways that mathematical ideas can be represented.”   Students also build upon their prior mathematical knowledge learning more varied and sophisticated problem-solving techniques, more sophisticated, reasoned arguments to support their work, and how technology supports the study, reasoning and problem-solving.  Students also are exposed to the many careers, activities and applications of mathematics in society and how the reasoning, thinking and communicating of mathematics transcend this discipline and apply to many other studies.
Students have the opportunity to take the Advanced Placement Calculus exams after four years of study.

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