Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department has the content and courses that span the wide range of human experience and human interests.  Through history, government, economics, law, and even sociology, psychology and even business, art and music classes, students examine who we are as people and how we come to be this way.  With the National Council for the Social Studies, the Mount Carmel Social Studies Department has embraced the needs of students of the 21st century and aims to teach these Essential skills: 

  • accessing, analyzing, evaluating, managing, integrating and creating information in a variety of forms and media;
  • understanding, managing and creating effective oral, written and multi-media communications, for a variety of purposes and for diverse audiences;
  • exercising thoughtful reasoning, understanding complex choices and decision-making, and locating, responsibly using and reusing resources;
  • considering, framing and finding ways to problem solve;
  • developing the skills, respect and responsibility to work successfully and productively in groups and to understand how such skills apply to our larger society and our larger world.

In addition to these general goals and objectives, the Social Studies Department offers five Advanced Placement courses and the opportunity for students to earn college credit prior to college by successfully taking and scoring qualified on the culminating exam:  AP World History, AP US History, AP European History, AP US Government and AP Psychology.  Students also engage in major research during their US History course by selecting a topic in family, local and community history, and producing a project for competition in the annual Chicago Metro History Fair.

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