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Bring Your Own Device FAQ

Bring Your Own Device

As part of Mount Carmel’s commitment to providing a premiere college-prep education for boys throughout Chicago, we have incorporated a new approach to technology, “bring your own device." Below you will find a series of FAQ regarding the program philosophy, device requirements, policies and procedures, and the educational program.


What type of device is a student allowed to bring use at school?
The student’s device must have at least a seven-inch screen, a physical keyboard, the ability to cut and paste, and a 3 ½ hour battery life. Any device that meets these standards will be permitted.

Can my son use his phone at school?
Yes, with teacher permission. Students cannot use their phone as their primary device. The use of a cell phone in class is still left to the discretion of the classroom teacher. School policy states that phones are to be OFF unless authorized by a teacher for educational purposes.

Can students use multiple devices?
No. Once students complete the training session, they will receive one access code to the school’s network. The access code is unique to one device and cannot be transferred. The school will not provide an access code for a smart phone.

Does my son have to have a device?
Yes. Bring Your Own Device became required for all students beginning with the 2016-17 school year.

Will my son be at a disadvantage if he lacks a device?
Teachers will deliver course content with the expectation that a student has access to technology. Students who do not have the necessary materials for class i.e. books, notes, calculator, device, etc., can expect to be at a disadvantage.

Will students be able to charge their device at school?
Students are expected to have a fully charged device at the beginning of the day. Charging stations will be available but limited. Students are encouraged to bring a portable charger.

Who is responsible for securing the student device?
The student is solely responsible for the care and safety of his property, including his device. Each device should have appropriate security measures that can aid in locating lost devices. The school will not take on the task of investigating missing devices.

What options are there for purchasing a device?
Families have many options when considering a device that fits the needs of the student and family. New, used, and refurbished devices are all viable options that will both meet the school’s specifications and allow the student to access course materials and demonstrate learning through course assignments.

Will my son be able to borrow/buy a device from the school?
No. Because of the nature of a BYOD program, devices will not be available from the school.

Educational Program

Will my son be expected to bring his device every day?
Just as a student is expected to bring course materials required by the teacher, i.e. books, calculator, notebook, etc., he will be expected to have his charged device in classes if the teacher indicates that he will need it. He will be permitted to use his device for other educational purposes, such as note taking, at his discretion.

How will the teachers incorporate the use of his device in class?
Teachers will expect students to be skilled in using their device. They will expect students to use that device for basic educational needs (research, word-processing, presentations, and data display and management [i.e., Excel-type program]). In addition, teachers will expect students to work effectively in collaboration with other students to illustrate and/or communicate what they have learned, and to create products that demonstrate that learning.

Will my son need access to specific apps or programs?
Yes. Depending on the projects on which they will be working and the products they will be creating, students may be required to access specific apps or programs. These types of apps/programs will only be required if they are available across multiple platforms. Students may elect to use apps or programs that he finds useful in specific classrooms.

Will textbooks be available or expected on the device?
Yes. Each year, more textbooks become available in an electronic format. If that format suits a student’s learning style, perhaps loading textbooks on the device would be useful.

How will my son access the network while at school?
Following the technology training session, each student will receive a unique access code that will allow him to register one device. That access code is good for only one device and will allow the student to log on to the school’s network anywhere in the building.

Will my son be expected to do homework on his device?
Yes. Because the student is participating in the BYOD program, it is assumed that he will have to complete assignments using the device. If a student has begun work on a project using the device, he is sure to continue that work at home on the device. Moreover, as the program becomes compulsory beginning next year, he will be expected to do homework on his device.

What options does my son have if we don't have WiFi at home?
Even if he does not have WiFi at home, a student can go to any building or local institution that offers free WiFi (i.e., neighborhood library, Starbucks, etc.) in order to access work saved on the virtual Cloud. Because he will have access to the network while at school, he would be able to complete work anywhere at school before or after school.


Why is Mount Carmel implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program?
A college prep program like ours demands that students have both content experiences and skills that simulate the college setting. A BYOD program mirrors the learning environment and expectations that students will see in college, where they will have unlimited digital access to course materials, be required to demonstrate learning using the technology of their choice, and be responsible for problem solving their own device. Modeling what students will see in college, Mount Carmel teachers will focus on teaching content and skills and making materials digitally available to students, but the student will be responsible for engaging, learning, and demonstrating mastery of the course material using a device that best fits his needs.

Who will be able to bring a device to school?
For the remainder of the 2015-16 school year, only freshmen who have completed a training seminar will be allowed to bring devices to school. Once the student has completed the training he will be eligible to register one device on the school’s network. Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, all students who have completed the training seminar will be permitted to bring a device.


Is there an acceptable use policy for the school?
Yes. The acceptable use policy can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook. It outlines behaviors and actions that are expected of students. Students who violate these policies will lose access rights to the network and will face appropriate disciplinary action.

What will prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites?
Filtering and monitoring software is controlled through the network administration and access point controls. Students who circumvent these systems will lose network access at school and face corresponding disciplinary action.

What type of training will my son receive?
Each student will be required to attend a seminar that will review Mount Carmel’s acceptable use policy, digital responsibility and consequences, the educational benefits of a BYOD program, the school issued email address, responsibility and security of personal property/device, and details about accessing the network. There will be no specific training on any specific device because this training is the responsibility of the individual owner.
What is the school issued email address?
All students will be assigned a standard individualized Mount Carmel Google Apps for Education Gmail address allowing expanded collaboration and communication. All school information (report cards, notices, class and school information) will be sent to the student’s Mount Carmel email address. Students should set up forwarding processes if he wants to maintain the use of another email address.

How will my son print necessary work at school?
Students who want to print documents at school must use the computer labs. They will not be able to access school printers from their individual device.

Physical Safety:
Messenger bags/Computer bags:
Students should have a suitable small laptop bag or computer sleeve with ample padding to protect their device when on the move. Make it generic, with no computer-related logos or identifying features on the outside, as this will make it harder for potential thieves to spot. No backpacks/bookbags are permitted in class.
Students should not bring their device to P.E.


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