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IMPACT/Service Learning


The Carmelite charism includes a deep commitment to justice, peace and the integrity of God's creation (JPIC). As Carmelite educators we have been given the responsibility of assisting our young men in living out this important part of their four year journey at Mount Carmel. 
In response to our Strategic Plan's call to "heighten our Catholic and Carmelite Identity and Mission" and to "expand our service learning opportunities for students to express their faith in action" we are implementing a Carmelite service program called IMPACT.

Summer Service Trips

Mount Carmel is proud to offer students age 16 or older with the opportunity to go on Summer Service Trips. Students will meet and build relationships with people from various volunteer sites and learn about the importance of putting the Gospel message of service into ACTION! Each day consists of prayer, hard work and reflection. These trips offer students an opportunity to do more service than offered by the IMPACT weeks. They also offer students a chance to get to know one another in a new way.


– first implemented at Crespi Carmelite High School in Los Angeles, and recently at Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson – will offer Mount Carmel a new and exciting approach to service. Unlike many other schools, our commitment to service will go beyond fulfilling a set number of “service hours.” Instead, students will engage in a holistic and integrated program of service-learning and reflection called IMPACT weeks.

Mount Carmel’s Board of Directors, along with the Carmelite Schools Commission, is fully supportive of this enhancement of our curriculum. During IMPACT Weeks, students are not in regular classes, but rather work alongside their teachers and classmates during several days of service-learning and one day of recollection. This combination of educative, service, and reflective components provides an opportunity for building relationships during an experience that deepens students’ appreciation of the Carmelite charism of prayer, community, and service.
All permission forms and information needed for Impact week will be posted on the website leading up to your son's week of service.


If the world is in need, open your eyes.
If you open your eyes, take notice.
If you take notice, take action.
If you take action, do it with zeal.
If you do it with zeal, you'll make an impression.
If you make an impression, you'll realize your impact.
If you realize your impact, you'll reveal God.
If you reveal God, His Kingdom comes.
-Dara Behzadi


Freshman Impact week focuses on the gift of God’s creation and our responsibility to care for and maintain the integrity of that gift. Students learn about the earth and the need to take responsibility for the resources we have been given, while engaged in a variety of environmental-related service projects and learning experiences. The week concludes with a day of reflection and a class liturgy.


Sophomore Impact week focuses on the theme of hunger and poverty. Students learn about the systemic forces that limit opportunities for many in our society, and engage service to food banks, community food pantries, and organizations that provide direct help to under-resourced communities in our own area and worldwide. The week concludes with a day of reflection and class liturgy.


Junior Impact week focuses on the dignity of the human person. Students learn about agencies that respond to various types of affliction that can lead to dehumanization, and offer assistance to under-resourced Catholic schools, nursing homes, Veteran’s Centers, and homeless shelters. The week concludes with a day of reflection and a class liturgy during which students receive their leadership pins and class rings.

*As the IMPACT weeks replace the current hour-based service requirement, students who miss one nor more days of their IMPACT Week for any reason will need to make up the experience on their own as part of Mount Carmel’s Graduation Requirements.


Living with Zeal for God, for Life, for Learning