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Champions Fund

The Caravan Champions Fund

The Champions Fund was established to allow Mount Carmel to maintain our facilities, provide the best instruction for student activities and lower the burden of costs to our parents. It is our hope that the Caravan Champions Fund will help ensure that our proud tradition of extra-curricular, athletic and academic excellence extends well into the next century.


The vision of the Caravan Champions Fund is that the proceeds from this fund each year target a specific project or equipment need for athletics and extra-curricular activities. Donations to the Champions Fund will help with the costs associated with all 17 sports and 28 clubs at Mount Carmel. Your gift will have an immediate impact on the success of current projects.


We strongly believe that they key to success as a student is involvement. We encourage every student to invest himself in at least one extracurricular activity, although most choose to take advantage of multiple opportunities. Whether a student's interests are athletic, cultural, societal, academic, artistic, or service-oriented, Mount Carmel offers programs that will match every student's passion.


Mount Carmel High School's athletic program is one of the most respected, comprehensive and successful programs in the State of Illinois. Our athletic teams have captured Catholic League Championships, competed in state tournaments, and have earned 23 state championships in 6 varsity sports. Your support will go a long way to keep the remarkable tradition of the Caravan strong for a new generation of men.


The mission of the Promise Scholarship Program is to provide support and mentorship to deserving young men so that they may complete their education at Mount Carmel. These young men then, staying consistent with the values and beliefs of the Caravan, commit to championing the Mount Carmel tradition by giving back throughout their life to support future Men of Carmel.


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