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Mount Carmel Educational Foundation


The Mission of the Mount Carmel Educational Foundation is to support the charitable, religious, and educational purposes of Mount Carmel High School by securing and investing financial contributions that will ensure the future financial stability of the school.
The Mount Carmel Educational Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1980 by a group of alumni to address the need for sustained sources of funding for future generations of Men of Carmel. The Foundation offers an investment vehicle that provides financial earnings strictly for the benefit of Mount Carmel High School.

An Undeniable Impact: $9,000,000 and Counting

Since its inception, more than thirty planned gifts have been realized, contributing to a balance of more than $9,000,000 in the Foundation. This reflects donations by generous alumni and friends through various vehicles as well as earnings on the investment.

To date, the Foundation has contributed more than $8,000,000 to the students, faculty and facilities of Mount Carmel. The Foundation’s impact on the school is undeniable and is instrumental in securing a bright future.


The primary purpose of the Foundation is to fund the gap between the cost of tuition and the true cost of a Mount Carmel education. By keeping tuition at an affordable level, more families can access the unique learning experience and values of prayer, community and service that Mount Carmel offers its young men. The Foundation also provides funds for facility improvements and other needs throughout campus in order to sustain the growth and mission of Mount Carmel. Investments made to the Foundation in the form of outright gifts, planned gifts and gifts of stock all provide a source of funding for the school in perpetuity.


In order to ensure these funds are available in perpetuity, all money donated to the Mount Carmel Educational Foundation is invested in accordance with the strategy set forth by the investment Board of Directors for the Foundation. This group of alumni and friends guides strategy and contributes a percentage of the fund earnings directly to the school, while the principal remains invested.


For more information on the Foundation, please contact Mr. Toby Emms  at773-359-0429 or temms@mchs.org 


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