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Queen of Hearts

WEEK 3 was a ROLLOVER!  Number 28 was pulled, revealing the King of Hearts.

As with any game of hide and seek, the more elusive the target, the more fun for all. In the Mount Carmel version, we are hoping the Queen of Hearts is VERY elusive. When you enter into the race to find The Queen, you provide critical support to our students.

Our weekly drawing will be held on Thursday evenings at 8:30 pm at Cork & Kerry – 10614 South Western.

Tickets can be purchased anytime here or in person at Cork & Kerry during regular business hours.

Tickets are priced at six (6) for $5.00, and can be purchased in increments of $5.  All online purchases can assign 1 number per ticket group purchased. Numbers 44, 52 and 28 are NO LONGER available.

The next drawing is Thursday, May 30. Come out and support our generous hosts at Cork – Bill Guide ’89 and Mike Fitzpatrick ’91.

We Are (Royally) MC!


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