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Update on Class Challenges

Last fall, we completed the renovation of the main hallway on the second floor of the original school building. These new classrooms gave teachers and students access to writeable walls, touchscreen technology, and increased wireless bandwidth to support our "Bring Your Own Device" program.  As the 2017-2018 school year is coming to a close, the renovation of the original building is moving forward. The plan for the summer is to complete the renovation of the rest of the second floor. This work includes the three remaining classrooms, converting the former counseling office into a women's washroom for faculty and staff, and expanding room 205 into a double classroom, which will provide more room for collaboration and group work.

The renovation of the 2nd floor will include the installation of a DOAU (direct outside air unit) for the main building, which allows the heating system to integrate fresh air with the heated air, as required by Illinois State Code. Once this is all complete, in late summer, we will have two of the four floors in the main school building completely renovated. 

The pledges we received through class challenges and individual investments has made it possible to make this much progress already. We are now planning the first floor renovations and need your help to reach our goal of $2 million in pledges by December 31, 2018. As long as funds are committed, ongoing renovations can continue.

The classes below have already committed to the Campaign for Mount Carmel through class challenges. If you are interested in starting a class challenge for your own class, or make a pledge to the Campaign for Mount Carmel, please contact David Lenti and dlenti@mchs.org or 773.324.4547. 

View more information about the Campaign and Class Challenges at www.MCHS.org/Campaign. 

1965 = $28,575 on a goal of $40,000
*1966 - $53,325 on a goal of $50,000
1977 = $12,850 on a goal of $20,000
1991 = $53,000 on a goal of $250,000
1993 = $81,450 on a goal of $100,000
1995 = $325,100 on a goal of $400,000

*In the last edition of Carmel Life, the class of 1966 was left out of the class challenge article and we apologize for the error. Thanks to the investment of this class, they have already exceeded their goal and completed the challenge led by Marty Hughes '66. Your contribution is making an impact on students today and for years to come. 


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