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Parents Spotlight: Mothers' and Fathers' Club

Each year, the Mothers’ and Fathers’ club dedicate countless hours to the school and students; fundraising, organizing, and most importantly, building a strong culture with our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends. We couldn’t operate the way we do without the leadership and guidance of our parents and appreciate all that they do.

Thank you to this year’s Mothers’ and Fathers’ Club Presidents, Michele Kulovic, mother of Matt 2018, and Greg McKay, Father of Patrick 2018 and Matt 2016.

The Mothers’ Club puts on numerous spiritual events, bake sales, volunteers at all school events to provide nourishment, and of course, ends the year with the Mothers’ Club Fashion Show. This year’s Fashion show was 80’s themed and honored Pat Tracy from Beverly. Pat was an officer in the Mothers’ Club Board and is a very involved alumni mom since 2010

When asked what she enjoyed most, Michele responded, “It has been so special sharing all of this with my son. Being President of the Mothers’ Club has been so special. I have met so many wonderful people from the faculty to the parents and enjoyed watching the young men mature over the years.”

The Fathers’ Club spends countless hours behind grills cooking for students and faculty at numerous events, they work late to keep campus secure volunteering as security throughout the year, and put on one of Mount Carmel’s favorite events, Fight Night. This year they honored Union Workers.

Greg has shared the experience with two sons at Mount Carmel and enjoyed “working with the other Fathers Club board/committee members and administration in putting together some very successful events over the years. When we all worked together we are able to accomplish many successful events like Fight Night. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to help run an event like fight night that is extremely successful and gives back so much to the school. It has been a great experience for me to be a part of the club leadership for many years and I walk away with many friends from other fathers, alumni fathers, students, mothers, teachers, coaches and administration at the school.”

Michele and Greg encourage all parents to get involved with Mothers’ and Fathers’ clubs.  For Greg, it has been “a great way to meet other parents at the school and be able to share in your son’s experience by being there for him and the school by helping at the events. I also think it is a great learning experience for your son to see you in that role and understand that it is good to volunteer your time and be active in a child’s life.”

Congratulations to next year’s board members:

Mothers’ Club
Margie Malkowski - President
Deborah Kerrigan - Vice President of Events
Paula Cunningham - Vice President of Hospitality
Judy Elizalde - Secretary
Rikki Faso - Treasurer

Fathers’ Club
Chris Faso - President
Hank Tajkowski - Vice President
Rocko Graham - VP of Events
Alfredo Franco - VP of Security
Jarrit Payton - VP of Service
Jake Hoogeveen - Secretary
Armando Gonzalez - Treasurer

If you would like to get involved in the Mothers’ or Fathers’ Clubs, please visit www.MCHS.org/Parents

Mothers' Club Fashion Show Photo Album

Mothers' Club Fashion Show 2018

Father-Son Dinner Photo Album

Father Son Dinner


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