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Benefits of Paying your Alumni Dues

Alright you mugs, Listen Up!  You’re gonna pay your dues. You’re gonna do it now.  And you’re gonna like it!

Last night we said a great deal of things. So I’m gonna do all the thinking for all of us.  Inside of us, we all know that you are part of Mount Carmel. You belong with Mount Carmel, you are part of its’ work, the thing that keeps it going.  If anything happens to Mount Carmel because you’re not supporting it, you’re gonna regret it. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.

Say, I’m not very good at being noble but it doesn’t take much to realize that the day to day problems of us little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world of struggling Catholic Education.  So let’s keep this Carmel thing going. Write the check, and…… here’s looking at you kid! - Richard Blaine  ’42 (Humphrey Bogart – Casablanca)

For those of you like me who is a bit of an older alumni and a movie buff, you will understand that the above was a spin-off on the great movie Casablanca, which was released in 1942 and starred Humphrey Bogart as Richard Blaine.

For those of you younger alumni, who didn’t understand what I was referring to above, the message is still the same: WE NEED YOU TO PAY YOUR $35 ANNUAL ALUMNI DUES.

Why should you pay your Alumni Dues and how does paying them impact Mount Carmel?

  • It’s only $35.
  • It directly impacts Alumni families.
  • Dues monies go to support financial aid and scholarship, including the Gilmore Legacy Scholarship, which provides a $1000 annual scholarship to students whose father, grandfather, or great-grandfather preceded them in graduating from Mount Carmel   
  • Payment is easy. You may pay your 2017-2018 Alumni Dues online by going to www.mchs.org/alumnidues

Mount Carmel has seen many changes over its 118- year history; changes that reflect our reputation as the premiere college-prep high school in Chicago and ensure the doors of 64th and Dante will be open for generations to come. One thing that hasn’t changed is the loyal support of our alumni that allows the mission of Mount Carmel to continue year after year.     

Mike Stadler ‘63


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