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The Mount Carmel Mathematics Team ventured down to to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and placed eleventh in the ICTM State Finals.  This marks the first time Mount Carmel has both qualified and placed in the school’s history and team’s existence.  The Caravan faced a hefty challenge competing with only seven participants in the eight-person team but that didn’t prevent the team from getting the job done. In addition to the team performance, freshman Kolton Hall of Valparaiso, IN placed tenth in the Algebra I individual category.

“The guys were able to adapt to a smaller than normal team with no problem at all,” said Mr. David Milavickas, Mount Carmel math teacher and team moderator, of Evergreen Park, IL.  “We were also the only all-boys school in the Archdiocese of Chicago to qualify and compete in the state competition so I am incredibly proud of what our students accomplished.”

The team completed a timed exam requiring a full team effort with everyone playing their own role, according to sophomore Jon Weber of St. John, IN.  While shorthanded during the competition, Weber stated “it only added to the experience.”

“Having seven guys was a small challenge but we knew we had to work with what we had,” said Weber.  “It means a lot to also be on the first team from Mount Carmel [to qualify for the ICTM State Finals] and I did what I could to take in every second on that great day.”

“We know that Mount Carmel is historically known for athletics.  We want our performance from this weekend to show what our primary focus is: academics.” said freshman Max Milavickas of Evergreen Park, IL, who is also the son of the team’s moderator, Mr. David Milavickas.

Max also lightheartedly stated that the competition gave them “a chance to show how much we love math and embrace our inner nerds.”  Getting a laugh and smile from that comment, his father sees a bright future for the program and hopes they can keep moving forward.


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