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CBN launches podcast pilot program, remembers Kevin Hansen with first episode

Earlier this spring, the Caravan Broadcast Network teamed up with Rivet Smart Audio for a hands-on podcast program for all students. The intended nature of the program provides the opportunity for students to learn about the stages of creating audio podcast work from beginning to end. Eventually, the program will look to creating an audio news program that will provide stories of all things Mount Carmel.

Freshman Robert Sanchez-Szewczyk of East Side, Chicago did not expect this type of hands-on program when joining CBN. However, he has stated that the podcast techniques helped him “understand the ins-and-outs about story development and how you can connect with an audience.”

Led by Rivet Smart Audio audio producer Jesse Betend, the CBN students receive tips and tricks of the podcast process with news writing, quality interview techniques, and technical production.

“The opportunity to work with Mount Carmel has been exciting and challenging and satisfying. I just love radio, telling stories, and bringing them to life,” said Betend when reflecting on the past four months into the program. “Radio has the power to transport someone into a certain world or situation and I’ve been exposed to [feeling transported into the Mount Carmel community] as well.”

Aside from the professional perspective, Betend relays to the students, the energy he brings to the table makes students engaged in a sense where they can relate to him. The passion he brings passes on to the students as they create their stories for the Mount Carmel community and beyond.

“Working with Jesse has been a great experience,” said Sanchez-Szewczyk. “His attitude really makes him approachable along with making me feel comfortable to ask him something I don’t know.”

Sanchez-Szewczyk went on to praise how the program enhanced his confidence to ask questions in order to learn more and cater to his curiosity about the subject matter.

Along with CBN moderator Mr. Pablo Iglesias 2013, the group portrayed “a great combination of Mount Carmel camaraderie and passionate storytelling” according to Betend. While the group is currently in the beginning stages of the program, Iglesias is extremely optimistic about the growth and potential this can hold for current and future Mount Carmel students.

“Once I heard about this idea [to create a student podcast startup], I was all in for it especially with the popularity of podcasts has grown over the last few years,” said Iglesias. “On top of directly learning about podcasts and audio production, I have seen some tremendous growth in the CBN students. I am elated to be a part of that experience and hope they take this skills well past their time in the halls of 6410.”

You can listen to Robert's podcast about Mr. Kevin Hansen by clicking the audio file on this page. 


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