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Mount Carmel Model UN team compete at MUNI

Model UN has been a core extra-curricular activity for the politically minded at Mount Carmel for many years. This year, 12 students competed in the MUNI competition at the University of Illinois campus in Urbana-Champaign in May.

The Model UN club engages in authentic simulations of the United Nations system. They accomplish this by learning about how the system works, skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution, and negotiation. The club learns about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events by utilizing the UN system.

Model UN researches various countries' positions on modern topics and participates in various United Nations simulations both on campus, and in conjunction with other high school and collegiate Model UN programs.

Mount Carmel junior, and 2017-2018 Model UN standout, Jason Wendling (Crete, Illinois), represented Saudi Arabia at this year’s competition. He enjoys the political aspect of Model UN and got involved as a freshman when he heard about it at Expedition MC, Mount Carmel’s introductory day for all incoming freshmen.

“I’ve always been interested in politics,” commented Wendling. “I really enjoy Model UN because you have to work diplomatically with your peers, and learn in a way that you can’t in a traditional classroom.”

Wendling added, “I may pursue a political career post-college but want to study law in college and participate in Model UN at the collegiate level, many have a Model UN program.”

Wendling was elected president of the club for his senior year in 2018-2019. His goal is to grow the program and go to many more conferences including at Washington University in Saint Louis, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and the Brother Rice conference in Chicago. He encourages all incoming students to check out the program and explains that "you don’t need to know how it works when you first begin. The whole program is designed to help you learn."

For more information about Model UN and Mount Carmel’s 25+ clubs and organizations, visit www.mchs.org/clubs.


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