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Caravan Volleyball volunteers at Special Olympics Volleyball Tounrnament

On April 7th the Mount Carmel Volleyball program hosted the Special Olympics qualifying tournament.  The teams competing in the tournament were fighting to earn a spot at the state finals. Each year we welcome over 500 athletes, about 50 coaches, and numerous volunteers.  This event is the big event for the Mount Carmel Volleyball program. Throughout the weeks before we prepare by setting up our own team of volunteers so that the program is represented throughout the entire day.  Leading up to the day of competition we purchase all of the food to feed every athlete, coach, and volunteer. The entire program helps to set up the gym and then its all hands on deck with the help of Coach Villa to make the day run smoothly.

This year was the biggest event yet.  We hosted over 40 teams and even had to set up a 5th court in the alumni gym.  This was the first year we had to set up the 5th court and the tournament directors loved it! The athletes and parents thought it was so cool to be able to play in the alumni gym with its history so well known.  

Not only is this event great for the athletes competing but it is by far one of the favorite things the guys from the volleyball program get to be a part of.  It becomes one of the most rewarding things we get to do, to be a part of these people's lives for even one day is very powerful. The teams and their families are always so grateful for everything we do on this day.  It has been a great experience for all of our young men to be a part of. The Special Olympic athletes have an enthusiasm for the competition that is contagious. Our young men working the event feel it and even get to join in on the fun.  By the end of the tournament, the Mount Carmel volleyball players form a team and play against one of the Special Olympic teams for fun. This is always a great way to wrap up a very busy day and everyone enjoys watching.


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