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Senior Corner

Senior Year Responsibilities

Maintain or Improve Your Grades

Most college applications are due prior to posting 1st-trimester grades on your transcript.  Therefore, in many cases, the grades that you have earned, freshman through junior year are the only grades that college admissions personnel use to determine the outcome of your application.  Such is the case for applications that are due in November and December.  However, for applications that are due late winter or early spring, your senior grades will be considered in your application outcome.  Furthermore, college admissions representative requests both insight about you as a student, and requests a copy of your senior grades, particularly for those students who are on the “acceptance bubble.”  Often a student’s senior-year grades are the determining factor in his acceptance or denial.  All colleges require a final transcript upon your high school graduation.  Colleges will rescind an offer of acceptance if you have not maintained the level of academic performance that you demonstrated prior to your acceptance. You may see your counselor for more information regarding your transcript.

Actively Research and Explore Your Future Educational Options

Your Naviance Family Connections account is a great tool to both help you search for colleges that are right for you, and to help you stay on top of all college application requirements including deadlines, personal statements, transcripts, and recommendations.  College application requirements differ from one application to the next. Your Counselors also serve as a great resource for you as you explore your college options.  Visiting a college if you have the opportunity is the best way to determine whether or not the institution is the best fit for you.  As a senior you are allowed three excused absences for college visits.  Your absence must be reported to the attendance office, and you must provide proof of your visit when you return to school.

Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Regardless of your parents’ income, all students are encouraged to apply for federal aid via the U.S. Government’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Students and their parents can begin online at fafsa.ed.gov. Federal funds are becoming increasingly sparse, so apply early as time is of the essence.  Beyond money that the government offers in the form of grants and loans, there are millions of dollars offered yearly in the form of private and commercial scholarships.  All scholarship opportunities will be posted on the Family Connections website as they are received and applications can be picked up in the Counseling offices.

Strive to Make Healthy Life Decisions that Represent You, Your Family, and Mount Carmel in the Best Possible Way 

Remember, there are many people at Mount Carmel, including teachers, coaches, clergy, staff, and counselors who are here to help.  Take advantage of our knowledge, life experience, and expertise.  No problem or concern is too large or too small.

Students and parents may access their class Google Classroom, which has information about college, careers, scholarships, college/career visits, and procedural announcements.  If you have any questions regarding access to the Google Classroom, please contact your Mr. Peltzer or Mrs. Luster.



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