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Mount Carmel High School is committed to academic excellence, and to a curriculum that prepares students for acceptance into college and success in life.
The school is accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges, the State Board of Education of Illinois, and the National Catholic Education Association. The academic achievements of our present students as well as those of an overwhelming number of our graduates, indicate the strength and comprehensive nature of Mount Carmel’s program, which is entirely college preparatory in nature
In proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Church always has been involved in the ministry of education. The Carmelite Order likewise has embraced this ministry since our earliest days as mendicants. Contemporary studies demonstrate that graduates of the Catholic educational system in the U.S. are people with a more integrated human value system, and are imbued with a deeper sense of hope in themselves and faith in others. Since a significant number of Carmelites feel called to serve in this ministry of secondary education in Carmelite High Schools, we reaffirm our commitment to this important ministry of the Church.
Our teachers develop instructional activities that are proven effective in heightening boy’s learning*, including:

  • Lessons that result in an end product.
  • Lessons that are structured as competitive games.
  • Lessons requiring motor activity.
  • Lessons requiring boys to assume responsibility for the learning of others.
  • Lessons that require a combination of competition and teamwork.
  • Lessons that focus on independent, personal discovery and realization.
  • Lessons that introduce drama in the form of novelty and surprise.
*Reichert and Hawley, 2009

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