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A Supportive Environment

With an enrollment of approximately 620 young men, each individual finds a place in our community where he can excel, have fun, and feel valued.
Whatever a student's passions may be, Mount Carmel will work to provide experiences that will strengthen his confidence and ability to contribute his talents to the world. In all of our programs, a student learns to set goals, work with others, overcome adversity, and make good decisions. He is trained to become a leader not only at school but in his community.

Get Involved

Clubs and Organizations: Be a part of one of Mount Carmel's 30 clubs and organizations. Students can participate in everything from Art Club to Young Politicians. Each club provides unique opportunities - from exploring one of Chicago's nearby museums to taking trips to our nation's capital.

Guidance Counseling: Mount Carmel's Guidance Counseling Department is dedicated to helping students succeed academically and personally during their high school years and beyond. We offer a variety of resources intended to help students at all levels.

Mount Carmel Athletics: Many students choose to represent the Caravan on one or more of our interscholastic teams. Our athletic programs teach students responsibility, teamwork, time management, resiliency, and the value of a strong work ethic.

Academic Calendar:  There is always something happening at 6410. Stay up to date with the day's activities by visiting the academic calendar.

Important Links

  • Parent-Student Handbook: The Parent-Student handbook can be accessed by logging into your onCampus account. 
  • Important Records (vaccinations, birth certificate, etc.): To upload important records, please email copies to records@mchs.org
  • onCampus: To log in to your onCampus account, click the "Login" link in the main menu 
  • Book Lists: Book lists can be found on the Mount Carmel eCampus page.
  • Admissions Information: For information regarding tuition, scholarships, financial aid, etc. please visit the Admissions pages
Since 1900, Mount Carmel High School has prepared young men from throughout the Chicago area to face the challenges of college and life with confidence and courage. We build character and we inspire our students...one boy at a time. 
"You came to Mount Carmel as a boy. If you care to struggle and work at it you will leave a man."


It means that you have enthusiasm for learning, both inside and outside of the classroom, and that you work with purpose to accomplish your goals and dreams. It means that you participate in sports and activities with fortitude and grit, always striving to make positive contributions for the good of your program and the success of your teammates. It means that you serve others with whole hearted intensity, and aspire to grow in your own character and commitment.

When you become a Man of Carmel, you join students from over 200 grammar schools located in more than 100 zip codes in two states. You become part of an unmatched all-male learning environment with unlimited opportunities for success and fewer school pressures and distractions. You begin a four-year journey that will take you to the college and career of your choice. Then, as a Man of Carmel, you can claim your place in an ever-growing network of over 13,000 alumni who have walked the halls of 64th and Dante before you.
Mount Carmel does not discriminate​ ​on the basis of race​ ​or ethnic origin in the​ ​administration of educational​ ​policies, financial aid, co-curricular ​programs or other school​ ​programs.​


Living with Zeal for God, for Life, for Learning