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Academic Programs

Academic Placement

Mount Carmel offers three levels of Academic study: Honors and Advanced placement, Excel, and Foundations.
A student's performance determines his placement throughout his academic year. Because most of our students continue their educations beyond high school, Mount Carmel provides the necessary preparation for future educational success.

Honors and Advanced Placement

The Honors and Advanced Placement Program is for students who are academically high performers.  The program provides more rigorous, in-depth classes for students who want, and can handle, a more challenging curriculum.  We offer 19 AP classes where students can earn college credit during high school.

Honors Program Students have the opportunity to participate in the Scholars Fraternity, an enrichment society designed to elevate the academic and cultural experience of the school's highest achieving students. Honors Program students will go through an application and interview process before being named a member of the selective fraternity.

An Honors Diploma is awarded to a student who earns grades of "C" or better in a program of study that includes Honors or AP classes in every subject and at every level in which they are offered (i.e. four years of Honors/AP English, mathematics, science, social studies and foreign language). Any student whose grade averages less than a "C" in any subject at the end of the school year will be ineligible for future Honors/AP classes in that subject.


Mount Carmel established the McDermott-Doyle Program to meet the needs of students with mild learning disabilities/differences who have the desire and ability to succeed at the college level.


The goal of the MCHS STEM Scholar program is to significantly increase the volume of students completing a rigorous college preparatory program that aligns with the college readiness standards in place. STEM programs are designed to meet the upcoming and current needs of college bound students and those who enter the workforce.

As a result, we are creating a STEM Cohort for students with an emphasis on using and developing collaboration, ingenuity and determination to reach a point where they can function in a college setting using the skills developed here at Mount Carmel.


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