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Spirit Shop

Welcome to the Spirit Shop!

Dress Code Guidelines
The Spirit Shop is open for all current families, students, alumni and friends. The online shop includes most items, the store includes all. Special team shops are available throughout the year. 
Students can purchase uniforms online or in the campus store.  

Sizes Small to XXX Large are available. Special orders required for 4X and 5X sizes. 
Student Dress Code
October 1st:
Khaki dress pants (purchased anywhere), a brown or white Mount Carmel polo, a brown or black belt, socks and all-black or all-brown shoes. As the weather grows colder, students may wear a non-hooded jacket or sweatshirt over their polo, or a long-sleeved Mount Carmel shirt.
Mass Dress Code
When mass is celebrated, students must wear dress pants, a white or solid blue dress shirt, sport coat, tie, belt and black or brown shoes. None of these items need to be purchased through the school.
Warm Weather Dress Code
From August through September:
Mount Carmel T-shirt, khaki dress shorts purchased anywhere (no outside cargo pockets), a black or brown belt, socks and gym shoes.  
Freshmen who take gym, gym uniform shirt and shorts. Items will be sold at Freshman Orientation as well.
Upperclassmen who take gym will be informed by their instructor what is needed.
Questions, please contact the Spirit Store Manager, Ms.Sue Doheny at 773-324-1020 ext. 229 or sdoheny@mchs.org.


The Spirit Shop is located in Mount Carmel High School's Convocation Center at 6410. South Dante Ave. You can also visit us online here.


Shipping costs $15 anywhere in the U.S. Contact Jeanine Beaver, Spirit Shop Manager, at jbeaver@mchs.org or 773-359-0438


The Spirit Store is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm


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