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Carmel Life

The Carmel Life Magazine provides a view of the students, athletes, faculty, and alumni that help to shape the Mount Carmel Community. Inside you'll find relevant stories and news as well as information on how you can impact the students that attend 6410. 

Spring / Summer 2022


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  • Photo of Brendan Conroy

    Mr. Brendan Conroy 

    (773) 359-0512
  • Photo of Scott Tabernacki

    Mr. Scott Tabernacki 

    (773) 359-0424
  • Photo of Sean McDonough

    Mr. Sean McDonough 

    Vice President Development
    (773) 359-0452
  • Photo of Dan LaCount

    Dan LaCount 

    Athletic Director
    (773) 359-0459
  • Photo of John Stimler

    Mr. John Stimler 

    Director of Mission and Ministry
    (773) 359-0472
  • Photo of Alex Austin

    Mr. Alex Austin 

    Director Alumni Relations and Special Events
    (773) 359-0505
  • Photo of Eleanore Menke

    Ms. Eleanore Menke 

    Senior Graphic Designer / Marketing Manager
    (773) 359-0488


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