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Certamen, Latin for "competition", is a quiz bowl-style competition with classics-themed questions. The reference invokes the brief ancient Greek account of the Contest of Homer and Hesiod, Certamen Homeri et Hesiodi.
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The questions are on topics ranging from the minutiae of Latin grammar and vocabulary, Latin-based etymology, Roman history and culture, Latin authors, and classical mythology.

Mount Carmel student’s that are in Latin classes have the opportunity to join in the Certamen competitions and have had a bit of success this year. The classics club competes in the Chicago region and had 3 meets this season. Overall they did well with the Freshman team placing in 2 of the 3: 2nd and 3rd. 

“I took Latin just because it was something I had some small interest in and figured I could learn a lot,” Freshman Patrick Navarre explains, “but having the chance to compete and show off my and my classmates knowledge adds a whole new perspective.” 

"Our Classics Club had a great Certamen season.” Mount Carmel Latin teacher Sean Sweany explained, “It's always edifying to see students expressing their interest and love of the ancient world with other students from around the city who feel the same."


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