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Class of 2018 awarded record $19,683,292 in collegiate scholarships!

Mount Carmel High School’s Class of 2018 collectively has been awarded $19,683,292 in college scholarships.

“We are proud of the academic success of our students and the support that they receive from our teachers and counselors, especially Tom Eisenbraun who assists in the college admissions process,” said Mount Carmel Principal John Haggerty. “The almost 20 million dollars in scholarships earned by the Class of 2018 is a testament to the quality education that each student receives at Mount Carmel.”

Mount Carmel Vice Principal and Director of Guidance and College Counselor Tom Eisenbraun announced the total after all scholarship data for the Class of 2018 was accumulated. The scholarship total is based on students providing the Mount Carmel Guidance Counseling Department with their scholarship verification forms listing the scholarship amounts they were offered from the various colleges to which they have been accepted.

“This class was an absolute pleasure to work with. They are extremely ambitious and motivated, not just in researching and applying to schools, but in seeking various scholarships to help with the cost of tuition,” said Eisenbraun. “In doing so, they were able to find the best collegiate fit for themselves academically, socially, and financially.”


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